Work Hardening/Work Conditioning

Work hardening addresses behavioral and vocational needs with an interdisciplinary approach. The goal is to return to work to a targeted job. Participation occurs after an initial injury is resolved enough to safely be in this program. Work hardening uses real or simulated work activities based on measured tolerances. Education in body mechanics, pacing, safety and injury prevention occurs. Job modifications might be made. This program can last up to 8 weeks for as much as 8 hours/day and up to 5 days/week.


Work Conditioning is an intensive goal-oriented program which restores neuromusculoskeletal function, range of motion and cardiovascular tolerance. Physical conditioning and functional activities are the focus of this program. A job goal is the purpose. Work conditioning can last up to 8 weeks with each session up to 4 hours/day 2-5 days/week.