December 2015
"The staff at LRS was highly recommended by my care team at Lafayette Cancer Care. Everyone I came in contact with was professional, caring, and helpful. I am three years post bilateral mastectomy and had recently experienced lymphedema for the first time. Amy Dunwoody showed me and my husband proper massage techniques to help my swollen areas. It was Amy who discovered how tight my chest, arm and shoulder actually were on my cancer side. I now do regular exercises to help maximize my ROM. Thank you LRS for all your help."


November 2015
"Felt welcome and at ease in both of the LRS facilities. I worked with Sara Blasing to improve my balance. She helped me immensely and I have a file with pics and instructions so I can continue to keep "fit". Thank you, Sara! I also worked with Erin Charters for the strengthening of back and leg muscles. She was very cordial and easy to share things with. I have pics and instruction sheets that will allow me to continue to keep "fit". Thank you Erin!"


September 2015
"I want to extend a big thank you to John Edwards for the help he gave me during my knee rehabilitation. Because of his knowledge and directions for me my recovery happened faster than I thought it would. He was very good to me and if I have another knee surgery, I hope I get referred to John again."


August 2015
"Had knee surgery to repair torn cartilage, bone chip and bad cartilage. I could not bend the knee nor put any weight on it without limping. My goal was to be able to ride a stationary bike and drive a car on my upcoming two weeks vacation. LRS accepted the challenge. They set an exercise plan for me to do on a daily basis on my own, as well as. on our twice a week visit.... They were able to get my knee back in shape in less than 2 months and met the goals that we set. I would recommend them to anyone needing Rehabilitation. They were excellent to work with."


March 2015
"I just wanted to tell you about the work Amy Dunwoody has done for me. The three weeks she worked with my swelling legs....she was a very pleasant and hard working gal....the wrappings and equipment ordered for me is still doing the job of keeping my legs from swelling excessively. I wish to thank you her for "her service". I enjoyed every minute of it."

December 2014
"I just wanted to let you know how very impressed I was with Lafayette Rehabilitation Services and specifically Sean Strawmyer. I came to LRS in December 2014 with Frozen Shoulder. Sean always greeted me with a smile...Although the road to recovery is lengthy for this diagnosis, after 6 weeks or so with Sean, I gained back a lot of motion, I'm still doing my exercises daily and improving slowing. Just wanted to recognize Sean for his hard work. I enjoyed coming there."


October 8, 2013
"Marianne provided the perfect balance of support and challenge over 28 personal training sessions. I really feel that I could not have made it through this difficult surgery without her help. I would recommend her to anyone!"


April 29, 2013
"Having put off a knee replacement and hurting for far too long would never have happened had I known how Lafayette Rehabiliation Services would make the recovery process so comfortable and complete. Starting with the pre-surgery evaluation and through the completion of the rehab process, John Edwards and the LRS staff tailored a rehab program to my needs and abilities. They provided a schedule of exercises to do at home while evaluating and modifying those exercises along with monitoring my progress twice a week at the LRS facility.

Everyone told me that the surgery would only be as successful as my dedication to the rehab process prescribed by LRS. They were right. Walking, mowing the yard, exercising, and negotiating stairways are now simple and pain free. Should any of my family or friends require post-surgery rehabilitation; my recommendation will be Lafayette Rehabilitation Services."

Scott Giese, Lafayette, IN


August 2012
"I appreciate the systematic approach. I feel as I met my goals, I am grateful."

"The staff here is excellent! Thank you Marianne for making me better! You all are the best."

"I needed rehab after surgery, went to Marianne at Lafayette Rehabilitation Services, why go anywhere else?"


Circle of Life Testimonials from a Physical Therapy Assistant student and his Ivy Tech Math teacher

“It’s a small world,” is a phrase that has been used a million times but in my case it’s true. I went back to school after being laid off from my job building cabinets for an RV company. My first semester in college was when I first met Patty. She was teaching the brush-up math courses at the Lafayette Ivy Tech. I had been out of school for about ten years and I am by no means a math whiz. I knew the program I was trying to get into was very competitive, and I needed to get good grades to make the cut. I think Patty could see how much my classmates and I struggled during classes. She was willing to hold study sessions outside of class that she was not being paid for and she made herself available at different times to help students if they needed it. The help that Patty gave me got me started off on the right foot and after that I was able to achieve the high grades that I needed.

Two years later, I find myself at Lafayette Rehabilitation Services in my final clinical before graduation from the Physical Therapist Assistant program. My clinical instructor, Marianne Fleming, suggested that I observe a total knee replacement. She said she found the perfect patient for me to work with and showed me her name. I was surprised that the person she had picked was my math teacher. What are the odds? I was able to follow Patty through surgery and recovery and then start working with her on her rehabilitation. I have worked with her just a few times thus far and she is progressing very well. I think it is very interesting that the roles have been reversed and I am no longer her student but she is my student and I can give her homework!

Patrick Hayes, Physical Therapy Assistant Student Intern


Ivy Tech Shines Again

Not in a million years would I ever have considered the possibility of the following “full circle” story to happen. Back in 2009, Patrick Hayes enrolled in his first semester at Ivy Tech, Lafayette; I had the extreme pleasure of instructing him in MAT 050. Each class, Patrick sat directly in front of my desk and within just a matter of days, it was apparent that Patrick was a very dedicated student. He informed me that his goal was to become a physical therapist however he knew it would be a long road ahead. Patrick, his wife, and children resided in Monticello.

Patrick earned an “A” in my class and the other courses that semester and his subsequent semesters as well. He was well on his way to his career goal as he completed his pre-program courses at Lafayette. There was definitely an inconvenient obstacle in his way. As Lafayette’s campus did not offer a PT program, he would eventually have to apply to the Gary campus program which would mean a very long commute from his home in Monticello. At that time, he also endured a time change dilemma as well. He missed the first cut-off, but when he did apply, he was just one of 25 of 140 students accepted into the program.

Patrick moved his family to Lafayette five months ago and completed his job shadowing at facilities here in our community. He then contacted one of his former Lafayette instructors for help in securing locations for his clinicals. His first location was at Heritage Healthcare and the most recent and current location is Lafayette Rehabilitation Services. He will graduate in May.

Wednesday, March 14, I was scheduled to have a total knee replacement at Unity Healthcare. I was asked if I would sign a permission slip for a physical therapist student to observe my surgery with Dr. Daluga as the surgeon. As an instructor myself, it was an easy decision. It wasn’t until I was in the recovery room that I heard Patrick’s voice speaking to me. I was so shocked! Not only had he been the student that observed my surgery, he too was assigned by his mentor to be my rehab therapist! My husband was instantly impressed with Patrick’s bedside manner and again we observed Patrick work with me at my first post-surgery rehab appointment. As for me, I could not be more proud of him! There is just something so special to see such a HUGE Ivy Tech success story and to know that I was a piece of it happening means the world to me.

Way to go Patrick Hayes and Ivy Tech Community College....Lafayette and Gary campuses!!

Patty, Patient of Lafayette Rehabilitation Services