Hivamat is an acronym for Histological Variable Manual Technique. An FDA cleared device that creates a massage-intensifying system based on a pulsed electrostatic field set up between the patient and the hand applicator (therapist). Due to the moving hand applicator, there is a depp, penetrating pumping effect in the tissue receiving the massage. The tissue segment is pumped through a depth of 8-12cm. Its frequency is variable within the range of 5-200Hz. This breaks up metabolic waste and activates the lymphatic system to move out the waste. Hivamat is manufactured by a German company Physiomed Elektromedizin.
Among therapeutic effects are:

  • decongestive and antispasmodic effects
  • normalization of tone
  • improvement in microcirculation
  • promotes better tissue integrity and nourishment

Hivamat can be used in the presence of metal prostheses.

  • respiratory diseases
  • cardiovascular diseases including disorders of venous circulation
  • hemorrhagic or ischemic insult, low back pain, spinal stenosis, hip pain, sciatica, stiffness
  • arthrosis, ankylosing spondylosi, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel, tearing of ligaments or muscles, fracture of the spine, sports traumas, hematomas, traumatic edema
  • surgical burns, ulcers, lacerated wounds

Among others

  • acute infections
  • infections skin diseases
  • active tuberculosis
  • non-treated malignant diseases
  • heart complications (insufficiency, de-compensated cardiac edema
  • cardiac pacemakers or other implanted stimulators
  • pregnancy
  • sensitivity to electric fields
  • renal edema